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Close Protection Officer

ELF Risk Solutions provide highly qualified CPO's (Close Protection Officer) from diverse background, enabling us to keep a low profile throughout South Africa. Our range of

professional CPO’s have either Military or Police backgrounds that worked previously in high-conflict arenas such as Iraq, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria to mention a few.

ELF Risk Solutions have Public Liability Insurance and Legal Representation for any incidents that might take place in an emergency situation. We are a law-abiding professional company that works within the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and deliver a second-to-none, professional service.

Our CPO Field Qualifications

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+27 (0) 76 690 8526

Please note that we will do a complete Operational Planning Document in accordance with the Itinerary. All risk assessments will be done and K9 units are available on request.

Air Surveillance & Chartered Services

Helicopter Services

ELF Security Solutions use helicopters quite extensively in many roles in security, operating Modern Bell helicopters in the form of a 407 and a Long Ranger L4 that offer high levels of comfort, safety, fuel, and operational efficiency.

Our Multi-disciplinary task teams include specialist Pilots, Trauma Doctors, Paramedics, Armed Tactical Support, and K9 Teams that are multi-faceted and will even perform Search and Rescue missions response capabilities include but are not limited to:

Un-Manned Aerial Surveillance Services

ELF Security Solutions offers highly effective solutions to our clients through amongst other methods cutting-edge technology like unmanned aerial surveillance with drones.

Executive Tactical Solutions drone surveillance has the following advantages for our client base:

• Situational Awareness and Providing real-time information for optimal deployment of resources during security incidents.

• Augmenting Guards Improve the safety & productivity of human guards with a drone-first strategy.

• Image & video footage can be obtained in harsh weather and unfriendly environments.

• Deterrence Use drones (with payloads such as beacons, warning lights, and sirens) to deter unwanted persons.

• Events & Activities Support at high-impact events such as political rallies, marathons, and music shows.

• Track & Follow Track intruders and follow them around in real-time to provide recon data to our operatives

• Hostile Situations, Antiterror, Anti-piracy, Anti-criminal, and Riot Control scenarios.

• Blind Spots and Overwatch for comprehensive coverage to overcome blind spots and immobility of CCTVs.

• Hard-to-reach locations like roof-tops, offshore oil rigs, narrow and confined spaces, even

Protective Security Detail (PSD)

Security Estcourt Teams

Security Teams, also known as SET (Security Escort Teams) are close protection personnel who provide high-level security to Non-Government Organizations(NGOs), Companies, Government and Military Clients and private individuals Operating or working on contract in areas where there is a very high element of danger. Our PSD Team members are all experienced in working in high-threat environments, with operational experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Sudan to name but a few.

Quick Reaction Force (QRF)

Our Quick Reaction Force is poised at all times to respond to any emergency situation which may arise, whether it's as a backup for our PSD, CPO, or Asset Escort teams. They are an Elite unit within our company and are highly trained in Special Weapons And Techniques and will be dispatched within minutes of a call being made. The QRF team’s role is mainly as support to other teams and as reconnaissance.

Close Protection Service

The ever-changing technological, political and socio-economic landscape of Africa means that you cannot afford to take your security lightly. Besides the obvious risks of traveling in Africa, “safe” situations, laws, and even governments can change in the blink of an eye, putting you in real danger.

ELF’s Close Protection Services help you avoid or reduce your risk of being stranded in a foreign land or being confronted by hostile situations. A diverse skill-set is required to effectively avoid, manage or resolve these situations, and unless you or someone you are with possesses these skills you are at the mercy of your environment. Unfortunately, these threats become a reality for many travelers, and even more so for high net-worth individuals, corporate executives, non-profit / NGO representatives, and VIP’s. ELF Security Solutions specializes in providing Close Protection Services that help you achieve your objectives smoothly and with as little risk as possible.

Having worked in diverse and often demanding environments, ELF’s Close Protection Officers (CPO’s) ensure a confidential world-class service at all times.

The benefit of working with ELF’s Close Protection team is that our team of professionals is able to manage client risk exposures while providing a confidential world-class service.

Because each client is unique in their circumstances, ELF Security Solutions will customize a security plan specific to your needs. Our management team has over 30 years of combined experience in the Close Protection industry.


Poaching is a complex topic that cannot be solved by myopic top-down enforcement approaches. Crime syndicates may be fuelling the poaching of elephants and rhinos but they are not the source of the problem.

ELF follows the International Anti-Poaching Foundation’s (IAPF) Akashinga project model which is a unique community-driven conservation model, that empowers disadvantaged citizens to restore and manage a growing network of communal wildlife areas.

To ensure we continue achieving this objective we need to train an increasing number of local rangers to the highest possible standards of operational effectiveness & capability. This can only be done by providing the best and most appropriate up-to-date “knowledge and skills training” available. To do this we have instructors of the highest caliber with a proven track record in law enforcement, military, and wildlife management.