The Company

About Us

We (Dudley and Geraldine) met in the field of a professional high-risk security operation. 5 Years later we combined our expertise to form ELF Consultancies as a husband and wife team.

Dudley has a combined 15 years of professional security experience, starting with the British Military in a varied career. (Royal Military Police, Subject Matter Expert with the Air Born Task Force, Infantry, Operational Intelligence, Decorated Veteran, Hostile Close Protection, Executive Bodyguarding up to management level)

Geraldine has her BA in Criminology & Psychology and has worked closely in support of Maj Gen Bushie Engelbrecht on numerous high-profile investigations. Further, she holds an ACFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) from the world's largest anti-fraud organisation.

Our passion for a safer and greener planet has brought us to Hypotab, an environmentally friendly bacteria, fungal and virus killer. After all, God has given us only one planet to look after.

ELF Consultancy (Pty) Ltd is in partnership with Fravardin Skyrti Holdings International & Hypotab

Geraldine and Dudley thrive in an environment where they can hone their skills with an ever-learning mindset. Leadership skills, a strong commitment to high ethical and professional standards, and flexibility in devising proactive responses to changing conditions allow them to make a significant contribution to their clients and customers.

Company Overview

The long-term goal of ELF Consultancy is the second-to-none mindset and growth of our services and clients. With this, we aim to maintain and improve the quality of products and services, to increase the footprint of our company as well as our clients. ELF Consultancy is a multi-faceted company covering much expertise.

Our Vision

We are committed to a personal and professional solution to the needs of our clients. By investing in and developing our most important assets, our staff, we aim to achieve all our goals and exceed our client's expectations. Through our commitment to exceptional standards, it is our vision to earn the trust of our clients by delivering the best quality services in any location worldwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide proactive solutions and tailored results to all of our client's needs. Our focus is the mitigation of risk that will help our clients be more productive in their specific daily priorities. Our client's reputation, security, and principles will remain our highest priority.

Our Values